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Understanding The Different Types Of Cremation Service

If a person is looking for cremation services, there are ample numbers and types of services available. The number is so great that it is an industry with the market size of the funeral homes in the U.S alone is 16.1 billion USD. There are around 32,300 funeral attendants in the U.S who extend their services when asked. There are different price caps for different types of cremation services, the cost varies depending on the type of service and the location it will take place. Let’s look at the major types of funeral services that people prefer.

Traditional crematoria services

This is typically among the highest-cost funeral services. In this, people who knew and cared for the deceased come together to pay their respect for the loved one. It can get conducted at someone’s house, a funeral home, or at a place of worship. Both the benefits of a traditional funeral and cremation get included in this form of service. The traditional services of cremation include embalming and casket rentals. The ceremony holds the body of the deceased, which is then transported to the cemetery or crematorium after the service is over.

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Memorial services

Memorial services are similar to traditional funeral services; the biggest difference between memorial services and funeral services is that the deceased’s body is not present at the services, though the ashes of the remains may be present if the deceased is cremated.  This service is a way to honor the memory of the loved one, much similar to what is done during traditional funeral services. Friends and family who live far away arrange to come and attend the ceremony.

Direct cremation or cremation with no

cremation and funeral services

Direct cremation, as the name suggests, doesn’t involve any time ceremonial services. In this cremation services, the deceased’s body is cremated on the same day or immediately after death without any embalming, viewing, or visitation activities. It is the most affordable or economical option for people with weak resources and wealth.

Cremation with body donation to science

The deceased’s body is a donation for medical purposes through some organizations like science care, etc. The cremations services are offered as part of no-cost programs. These organizations take cremation as an intrinsic part of the process in which body donation occurs because the extensive preparation of the tissues cremation is the only viable option afterward. If the organizations find no match of the cremated remains with the program, they are returned to the deceased’s family within 3-5 weeks after donation.


There are numerous cremation services available to choose from prepaid funeral plans Sydney, but it’s the ultimate peace, which the deceased needs and wants. Talking about one’s funeral may be seen as odd, but it is necessary to help the loved ones avoid the hassle of making the arrangements that the person doesn’t want at all.