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Look both ways before crossing the street. Be sure you understand what the machine is intended to do, and how, before you turn it on. Good cologne does not cancel out wearing dirty underwear. Penny-wise is sometimes pound-foolish.


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There is nothing which will excuse you from using your judgement, from having to think for yourself. If you fail to think for yourself, preferring instead to let others do your thinking for you, then you have already made a choice.


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Order is not the opposite of chaos. Rather Order is a system of rigid societal control which allows those with power to hoarde resources and stiffle dissent. The enforcement of order is the underlying basis of capitalist consent, whereby the transaction of goods is called “ordering”.


Deal with it.


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Question, ponder, reflect. A strength worth having is a strength worth using. Humanism has been the light of progress for more than 500 years, catapaulting Western Civilization from the dark ages to the present. Yet now the ideals that made Enlightenment possible are under attack by those who would use fear as a mechanism of societal control. Humanism is the ideal of living the “good life”. The good life is the life that is worth living. Question, ponder, reflect.


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