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Patient Experience Improvement Tips for Your Dental Practice

Successfully running a dental practice goes beyond putting in time at your office and giving high-quality health care. It’s also more than situating your business in a convenient location and making your charges affordable, as your dental associate accountant in Kansas City would advise. You must be willing to go above and beyond in ensuring patients have a smooth dental care experience with your practice.

Patient satisfaction is the bedrock of any dental practice; ask a dental associate accountant in Kansas City. When the people you serve derive pleasure and enjoy a good experience, there’s a high chance they’ll come back. You need to formulate strategies to boost customer experience to build a base of dedicated patients, which allows you to compete effectively with other dental practices.

Offering experiences that ensure patient satisfaction also helps your business gain lots of positive reviews. If you’ve been looking for ways to enhance patients’ experience at your practice, look no further. This article will be examining some useful tips you can adopt.

Introduce Online Scheduling and Appointment Reminders

Scheduling a routine dental care appointment is an aspect of dental practice that technology has found a way to make less stressful. In the past, scheduling used to take place over the phone or at the dentist’s office, consuming valuable time and resources. Nowadays, patients set up appointments online, and in cases where they find out they can’t meet up, they reschedule online.

The online method of scheduling appointments is one that arose as part of approaches towards improving patient experience. It’s a practical concept you should also adopt for your practice. It’ll save both parties valuable time and airtime.

Like your dental associate accountant Kansas City can lose track of their appointment with you, most patients also tend to forget theirs, only to remember days later, costing your practice some hundreds of dollars in the process. It’s quite unwise to introduce charges for missed appointments as it only makes you come off as unreasonable.

To prevent your patients from missing their appointments, make a habit of sending reminders to them. Sending these reminders could be manual or automated. It’ll make you appear as a caring professional, and at the same time, ensure you don’t miss out on some cool dollars.

Make a Habit of Sending Post-Visit Surveys

People love it when you make them feel as though their opinions matter; indeed, it does. Post-visit surveys create an avenue for your patients to share their thoughts and reservations and also allow you to know what they think about your services. Such feedbacks give you an idea of how better you can serve them.

However, one thing to note is that whatever amendments you make to your practice due to their suggestions or feedback, endeavor to let them know; it’ll give them a sense of belonging and make them feel valued.

Improve the Waiting Room Experience

While it might be true that patients don’t make a choice of a dental practice based on the setup of its waiting room, it’d be wrong for you to assume it doesn’t matter. If patients have to wait longer than necessary, then it’s just right that they do so in comfort.

A standard waiting room for a dental practice Kansas City should contain accessories that’d enhance comfortability. Such accessories include soft chairs, free Wi-Fi, charging points, water dispenser with cups, etc. Don’t make your patients’ waiting period a hell.


Giving your patients excellent customer experience is pertinent to the continued existence of your practice. It’s what keeps them coming back and makes you stand out from the competition. Do well to put in place measures to enhance it and give it the utmost attention.