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How to get started with LineHive

What is Linehive?

Greetings fellow sports fans and welcome to the Hive. 

LineHive is an online platform that allows you and your friends to gather your sports predictions. Then, the platform pools your picks to give you, the competitive advantage of the “Hive Mind” in your wagers.

Whether you’re looking to bet on College Football, the NFL, NBA, or the English Premier League, there’s a Hive for that.

Filling the Void

With sports betting being legalized in more and more states in the USA, the industry of online sports betting is expected to grow exponentially as more sports fans begin to place their bets. As it stands, there is no place for sports bettors to come together to share their insights, leaving them to bet online in the void. 

LineHive is bridging that gap. With LineHive, savvy sports bettors can pool insights with their most trusted friends, leading to smarter, more profitable bets. Never lose another pick’em again!

Getting Started

This is the easy part. All you need to access the Hive is an email and passion for sports. (Well, having some friends will help too but you don’t need them until creating or joining a hive.)

How to Use LiveHive

So you’ve made your LineHive account… now what? The next steps to making better bets are…

Join a Hive

Create a Hive

Create Hive Picks

Make Picks

View Results

Let’s run through this real quick.

Joining or creating a hive. To join an already existing Hive, all you need is an access code from a friend to get started. Say you want to create a hive for you and your friends, click on “Hive” from the navigation bar and then click “Create Hive” to receive the link for your Hive to share.

Create Hive Picks. Once you have your Hive created, It’s time to choose which sports league and set of games to bet on. To do this, the Hive Admin can go to the “Create Hive Picks” button when in the Hive.

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Make Picks. Now it’s time for the action! With the Hive set up and populated with fellow bettors, the next step is to place the bets themselves. Click on ‘Hive Picks’ at the top of the page to start making picks. We’ll show you the spread so it’s easy to get your picks in before the deadline.

Capitalize on the insights of the Hive. After a Hive Pick deadline has passed, click on ‘Hive Picks’ at the top of the page to view the results of the picks. Take the combined insights of you and your friends and place your wagers. 

Do not miss out on another season of potential big wins by betting in a vacuum. Start using the insights of the hive today.