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Bison’s 5 Biggest Health Benefits: Nutrition, Benefits & Comparison

It’s not a secret there is no doubt that the bison’s meat can be a better alternative to beef. It is grown on grassland and allowed to graze on grass that is natural no matter if it’s located in the US or in Asia. It is a taste. It tastes a lot like beef and if cooked by a professional cook, you won’t be able to discern the distinction.

The best aspect of bison meat benefits is that it is a dark red meat that is much lower in cholesterol than beef. There is no marbling within the meat, and the subcutaneous fat layer on a bison carcass is much thinner than the one on the carcass of a cow regardless of whether both animals were fed exactly the same diet.

The bison transforms what it consumes into meat rather than fat, and this is the case for both the American bison as well as those of the Asian bison.

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The lower fat content in meat is less cholesterol, and consequently lower blood cholesterol after eating the red meat that comes from bison. There’s more protein per serving of bison meat, which provides more energy and less calories.

Similar to venison, bison contains fewer calories, and is a great choice if you’re in a weight-loss program. In contrast to venison, there is no “gamey” taste, and there is no feeling of grease inside your mouth after you’ve eaten it, like it sometimes can be after having beef.

Take care when cooking bison, because it cooks faster than beef, due to its less fat that can be used to insulate when cooking. Grill bison meat recipes, bake portions of bison and braise roast and fry bison pieces exactly like beef, and you can substitute beef for bison in any recipe so it is remembered that the meat will require lesser time in cooking.

If you don’t remember that the bison pieces were a in a casserole, they’ll crumble, and I’ve found the meat of bison is extremely delicate, and much more than beef, however this could just be my personal experience.

As we all become more mindful of our health, we recognize that eating too much traditional red meats in our diets isn’t healthy especially for heart and blood however, as we try out new types of meat such as bison, ostrich or venison, among others and game, we’re embarking on a an enlightened culinary journey which is bound to please our palates.

We also get Mozzarella cheese from bison, too and it is healthy, however the variety that is packaged in some stores is not as fresh Mozzarella that you will taste from Italy and is delicious and healthy.

If you’re American there are concerns about eating bison however, you’re not harming the environment by eating it since it is being raised in a sustainable manner.

The next time you visit your grocery store Why not grab bison meat? If it’s frozen it’s recommended to defrost it in the refrigerator or heat it with a microwave. But avoid exposing the meat to the air at room temperature because it could change color as it does with venison. It’s a healthier alternative to beef and is almost as good as beef, so give it the chance.