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The Truth About Bodybuilding Myths

You might disagree, but hear me out on this; the vast majority of myths about weight gain are mostly passed down from “gym talk” and so-called experts who know nothing about the body’s workings. Myths that lead to wasted time, frustration and if are taken blindly as truth, can really set back your progress in […]


Deciding Where to Buy Probiotics

Probiotics are a helpful and friendly microorganism that survives inside the digestive tract and neighboring tract. They accord the body healthy nutrients that neutralize bad bacteria and restore the natural balance that effectively provides optimum health for the colon and the bowel. Probiotics are known to be helpful in treating and preventing digestive disorders, urinary […]


Exercise and Personality: The Surprising Connection

 Often we hear how important it is to exercise. Yet there are so many different types of exercise and so many different recommendations about what type of exercise you should do. Commercials on TV recommend the latest in-home gyms and fitness programs, while one friend may swear by a local workout class, while another […]


Declining Cognitive Function May be the Result of Chronic Stress

Adult attention and learning, according to common belief, tend to decline as we age. This means that we expect to forget things, to not learn as easily as we might once have, and generally speaking, have declining cognitive function. Society has determined this as the norm. Additionally, we have been led to believe that, with […]


A Few Simple Changes Can Help Reverse Insulin Resistance Naturally

Scientists have known that calorie restriction, when accompanied by optimum nutrition (also known as C.R.O.N.) can extend the lifespan of animals 30 to 230 %, depending on the species. Primate studies are in process. It will be another 10 years before we known the final results, and no doubt, results will then lead to even […]

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Adrenal Fatigue Treatment: Recharge Your Adrenals The Natural Way

Everyone experiences fatigue at some point in their lives for various reasons such as long working hours, inadequate sleep, long commuting hours, stress and other health issues. However, frequently experiencing extreme fatigue along with symptoms such as low energy levels, low concentration level, brain fog, insomnia, constipation, anxiety, palpation, unexplained hair loss, stubborn weight gain, […]