Exercise and Personality: The Surprising Connection

 Often we hear how important it is to exercise. Yet there are so many different types of exercise and so many different recommendations about what type of exercise you should do. Commercials on TV recommend the latest in-home gyms and fitness programs, while one friend may swear by a local workout class, while another […]


Declining Cognitive Function May be the Result of Chronic Stress

Adult attention and learning, according to common belief, tend to decline as we age. This means that we expect to forget things, to not learn as easily as we might once have, and generally speaking, have declining cognitive function. Society has determined this as the norm. Additionally, we have been led to believe that, with […]


Silence Therapy: The New Wellness Approach

How much is ‘noise versus silence’ an issue in your daily life? If you’re like most Americans, you’re surrounded by some kind of sound everywhere you turn: cell phones, computers, electronic games of all kinds, music blasting from iPods, the booming of someone’s bass turned up loud as it will go in the car next […]

Adrenal Fatigues

Tired of Feeling Tired: The Woes of Adrenal Fatigue

Overburdened with too much stress and not enough sleep, our adrenal glands are struggling just to keep up. It’s 3 PM. You’re fading fast. The pot of coffee you started only a few minutes ago doesn’t seem to be brewing fast enough, and your patience is waning. Maybe you should run out and buy something […]