Using Google Analytics to Track your Site’s Traffic

What good is a marketing tool if you cannot track its effects? A website is not one of those SEO marketing pieces that you use to just create awareness of your companies existence. A website correctly marketed online will bring in leads and direct prospective clients to your business’s location. If not marketed online, it’s more of an electronic business card that people can check out once they know about you. Regardless how you use your website, you need to be able to see how many visitors it is getting and more importantly how they found you, how long they were on your site and what pages they visited. By using the free analytics tool provided by Google, you are able to see these things and much more!

The first thing you should do to make it easy on yourself is to sign up for a Google or Gmail account if you do not already have one. By doing this you allow yourself access to all of the great free tools Google has available such as Google Analytics. After signing up and logging into your Gmail account, search for “Google Analytics“ and locate the tool. Once there, you will find the directions for adding a site to the Analytics tool. An important aspect of using Google Analytics is putting the tracking code on every page of your website. This way it will allow you to get a real indication of which pages your searchers like visiting and what pages they do not visit often. You can then try to either create more exposure to those pages or add more to the page that would attract more traffic.

Once you have added analytics to your website it will immediately start recording your website traffic’s tendencies such as pages visited, time on the site and whether or not the visitor is new to your website or not. Obviously, when you first start out, every visitor will be a new one but after a few days, your percentage of new visitors will start to drop. A good percentage of new visitors is anywhere above 85%. The idea is to keep driving new traffic to your website but making sure your website is useful enough to bring back those who have already been there.

There are many features of Google Analytics that can benefit your San Jose SEO. The Google algorithm used for ranking sites, for example, includes many of the aspects that analytics will show you including bounce rate, length of time on the site & the referring sites you are getting the traffic you get. These are all important things to keep track of to help you with increasing your google ranking on Google. You want a low bounce rate or to limit the number of people who leave your site in 30 seconds or less, you want to keep visitors on your site as long as possible and also increase the number of referred traffic coming to your site.

It’s important to use a third party tracking system for your website reports so someone does not have the ability to create “false numbers”. Google analytics is a great third-party reporting system that we use for all of our SEO San Jose clients. Whether you are working on your own website or you have someone else doing your internet marketing, Google Analytics is a great tool!