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How To Service Your Commercial Refrigeration Service Inc

Commercial Refrigeration Servicing Rocklin should be done by a commercial appliance professional.  However, there are some things you can do to troubleshoot your commercial refrigerator and commercial freezer to get to the issue before calling in commercial refrigeration service.  First, before you start check to see if you have any warranty left and if you do check to see if it’s for parts only or for parts and service.

Clearance: when you installed your unit did you leave the right amount of clearance between the fridge or freezer and the wall, other appliances, etc. If you don’t leave enough clearance it may affect the compressor and other mechanical parts. Check your user’s manual, spec sheets, or owners guide to find out what it should be then adjust your settings accordingly.

Refrigeration Repair Commercial
Refrigeration Repair Commercial

Voltage and amperage: is the electrical unit wired correctly for your Commercial Refrigeration Unit?  Voltage & amperage can be different for different units and you should definitely check to make sure you have what you need.  You could use a multi-meter or an electrician or consult the blueprints if necessary for more detail.

Circuits & Fuses: check to see you haven’t blown a fuse or tripped the circuit. Extension Cords: using an extension cord for your commercial appliances is a big no-no and will void your warranty.  It is also a huge safety risk.

Walk In Cooler Door Repair
Walk In Cooler Door Repair

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance: have you completed regular maintenance on your unit?  Check the user’s guide or owner’s manual for what you need to do to regularly service your commercial refrigerator.

Door Gaskets: have you cleaned and checked the seal on the door gaskets?  The best commercial refrigerators have easy to remove and reinstall gaskets and some you have to wash while the door is open.

Opening Of Doors: is your staff opening the doors too often and letting the cold air escape and making the compressor work harder? Hot or Warm Product: are you putting warm or hot product into the fridge making the appliance work harder?

Frozen Or Dirty Compressor Coils: have you cleaned or defrosted the compressor coils?  Sometimes the compressor coils can get icy.  Turn the refrigerator off and wait a few minutes before cleaning with a special compressor coil comb.  Always clean the flippers with a commercial Refrigeration loop cleaner and a condenser comb – brushing flippers from highest to lowest.

Frozen Drain Line Or Pan: if you have a frozen drain pan you may need to replace the heater.  Check the drain line and defrost if it’s frozen. High Humidity: the dampness could reason erosion and decrease efficiency.

Fan Blades & Motor: unplug your unit and clean your commercial refrigerator’s admirer knife-edges and motorized with a fabric and/or warm water and mild soap


Commercial Refrigeration Service: Your best bet overall is to call in a commercial refrigeration servicer and/or engineer.  They know what to do and what the cause is, so it will give you more time to do what you do best and get your commercial unit repaired faster.  If you are calling someone in to service your commercial appliances ask how much it is per hour in advance and how long it is to get refrigeration parts, if needed.  Sometimes it can take in excess of three weeks to get parts and you need your kitchen to be prepared for that.  Also ask if they have rental units you can use while waiting to get your commercial refrigerator repaired View More.