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Having a history of more than 5000 years, Rajasthan can be categorized in Ancient, medieval and modern times. From 700 AD to 1200 AD Rajput ruled the state. Before that, it was part of various republics like Yaudhyas, Guptas, Kushans, Malavas, Hunas and Arjunyas. From 1200 AD Rajasthan had Muslim rulers emerging Mewar as the most powerful state. It was then Mughal emperor Akbar who came into the rule and made a unified province in the state. Pindaris in the 19th century then took over and now Rajasthan is one of the culturally driven states of India.

Local festivals of Rajasthan

The desert land has a myriad of festivals to celebrate. It celebrates all the festivals with vibrant colors and traditional norms. Some of the local and unique festivals of the state are:-

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Gangaur Festival:- The main festival of Rajasthan is Gangaur where Women fast and worship the Gangaur Mata idols. It is celebrated every year in the month of March- April.

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Teej festival:- A festival worshiping Lord Shiva and Parvati, women fast whole day and is held in the month of July-August.

Dusherra:- The 10th day after 9 colorful nights of Navratri is celebrated Dusheera. The Dusherra mela of Kota is very famous across the country and 75 feet long Ravana idol is made with musical events carried out for certain days.

Summer Festival:- The summer festival is carried out every year in Mount Abu consisting of Folk dances (Ghumar) and folk music. It is a 3-day long festival held in the month of June.

Pushkar fair:- The religious place of Rajasthan, Pushkar conducts a fair every year in the month of November and thousands of pilgrims and travelers visit the festival.

Ramdevra:- The fair is conducted in the city of Jaisalmer every year where pilgrims walk down from their places to Ramdevra in the month of August September.

Regional Speciality products of Rajasthan

Art and Craft:- The architectural heritage of India is Rajasthan. Buy handicraft online, pottery, wooden furniture, marble, textile etc are famous from the states.

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Rajasthani Quilts:- The Jaipuri Razais (Quilts) are high in quality, light in weight and are soft as well.

Marble Crafts:- The statues, flower vases, furniture and sculpture made from marble is in abundance in Rajasthan.

Rajasthani Paintings:- Murals, miniature, gemstone, and Kajali traditional buy painting online are widely popular of Rajasthan.

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Blue Pottery:- Using Blue, Green and White hue, local craftsmen create blue potteries having intricate designs and minute details on it.

Ethnic Wear:- Men and women are more imbibed with their traditional culture. From head to toe, both men and women have some clothing or jewelry adding to the beauty of the state.

Jaipuri textile:- The Jaipuri textile is famous with Razais, Safas, Turbans, Hunting coat etc available all across the state. It is exported to several other cities and countries too.

Bandhej:- Many of the women wear bandhej or popularly known as Bandhani Sarees.

Lehariya:- It is kind of print worn by the ladies made of cotton and other fabrics.

Traditional Clothing:- The traditional clothing for women are Ghaghra, Choli, and Odhni. Men wear Pagri, Pyjama/dhoti and Angarakha.

Rajsthani Mojhris and jewelry: – Accessories made with Silver, Minakari work and emeralds are seen worn by the people of Rajasthan. The famous footwear of the state is its Mojhris or Jutis. They are handmade, beautifully crafted shoes having embroidery.

Food and Cuisine:-  Hearing Rajasthan and one can imagine loads of variety of traditional food in mind. The famous delicacy is the Dal Baati Churma. Gate ki sabzi, Raab, Kachoris, Ker sangri are some of the other delicacies of the state. For sweet tooth too, Rajsthani Ghewars and Malpuas are savored.

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