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Machinery, electronics and Stacked Fin Heatsinks

To keep the temperature of a device under control, all electronic devices and machinery come with a heat sink included which serves the purpose of keeping the heat of the semiconductors of a device at bay for proper functioning. Heat sinks are manufactured according to the specifications and requirements of the machinery, but are based on the same principle. Most common are the stacked fin heat sinks. These are basically made with high pressure. The metal earthier copper or any other is made up of fins. Single fin, multiple fin and extrusions based are common in a heat sink. However, a stacked heat sink is made up of stacking together many types of fins combined through pressure.

Assembling a stacked fin heatsink

Making a stacked fin heatsink uses the press to fit model. These have both top and bottom plates to be joined to devices. These are cheap to make and are extremely flexible as well. This makes them suitable for many forms of electronic devices such as heavy duty equipment, generators, and power supplies. These are the go to device for ensuring that a wide area can be cooled without hindering the performance of the device these are mounted on.

Advantages of stacked fin heat sinks

There are many advantages of using such heat sinks apart from just the manufacturing cost and wide coverage area. These can be made of any material, but are mostly made of copper or aluminum. This provides it high resistance and durability. These are also very simple and easy to install, and have a very long shelf and service life. Folded Fin Heat Sink Manufacture are also easy to maintain and can be made in an infinite numbers of aspect ratios. An added benefit of these is that the base and the fin can be made out of different materials according to the requirement of the machinery, and due to the interlocking nature of the fins, these are easy to handle. This also allows the manufacturers to accommodate the device into many forms of complex designs, which in itself are infinite in numbers.

Comparison of Stacked fin heat sinks with others

When compared with the various forms of heat sinks such as die casted, extrusion based, folded fin and skived fin, the stacked fin comes out on top. This is the lightest of all forms of heat sinks and also gives the best performance. However, a Bonded Fin Heat Sink can be a little bit on the expensive side to manufacture when compared to the others. This also has a long tooling lead time compared to others.