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Would you like an adorable gift for a little child which will rapidly become his favorite gift for a very long time? A good friend of mine makes me know about Transitional area rug and I found it very cute. Superbly soft, it is really a beautiful baby gift to give in a shower as it is machine washable and easy to clean.

Why a Security Blanket?

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Transitional area rug

The British paediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald W. Winnicott had called “transitional object”. But who is the baby blankie for your child? The blanket is a companion that looks like you. From the age of 8 months, your child becomes aware that he is being independent of you. He realizes that sometimes you are away and he needs to deal with these temporary moments of solitude. He fears the separation and then may be in state of great distress when he thinks you’re not going back.

It is during this period of fragility and anxiety, that your child chooses a security blanket, the indispensable fellow that goes with him at the bed time or when you drop him in the nursery or with his grandmother. At the nursery school a blankie is always present but set aside to do some activities. It comforts him even when crying and tiredness. This is why giving a blanket becomes a significant gift to a child.

At six years old when the child enters first grade, he drops it to be open to people and make friends.

In most cases, children remain attached to their security blanket as he enters a new phase of psychic development, the oedipal phase. Even if he does not walk around more with his blankie, he can be happy to find it in the evening, or feel the need in case of problems: a grief, a doctor’s visit, a night away from home.

Little Transitional area rug are particularly cute plush blankets and very luxurious. These blankies are made of chenille faux fur or velvet also very good during the colds winter months or anytime of the year.

All parents really wants to provide to their own child the very best that they can. There is no doubt that these Transitional area rug would be a very good choice for you and also very easy to find. With the internet today, these baby blankets are now able to be purchased online which causes it to be much simpler for those who wish to save the complication of getting out shopping for such products.

If you are looking to please a sister or a friend who waits a baby, Blankie is a great idea. You can see what exists on the market as Transitional area rug and more.