How Does My Small Business Get Started Going Mobile App?

It’s Easy! Here at 247 Labs, we enjoy working with Owners and staff alike. We work shoulder to shoulder with you -hands on – Guiding you thru the design process, providing in-person training on implementation and sales, showing the business how to monetize their new Mobile Identity, and seeing the results is our greatest reward.

What is a Mobile Identity?

To establish your small business in the Mobile World two items are required:

An Optimized Mobile Website

A customized Business App for Smartphone Users

What Is a Mobile Website?

A Mobile Website serves only ONE PURPOSE-to enable consumers looking for your product or service to find your listing on the web.

Mobile Optimized Means This

The Mobile Website must be Code Compliant with Google’s Mobile Search Engine requirements. If it isn’t, your site will not even show up on the business listings page

Your Mobile Website must present your content to the Consumer in a visually appealing manner, and be intuitively easy to use front end developer.

Small Business Mobile App

By definition, a Mobile App is a piece of software that can provide graphics, audio, and written content to an audience via their Smartphone (Remember how many Smartphones there are in use in Canada today?).

What Does This Mean?

Here are just a few of many examples:

Restaurants: Display their menu; show pictures of the exterior/interior of location; include images of their renowned favorite meals; allow Mobile Consumer to place reservations; order for carryout and more

Retailers: Present your online store for orders; Showcase visually your favorite items; Notify customers of upcoming sales and promotions

Professionals: Incorporate an appointment scheduler for the busy consumer; Provide easy contact access via a voice Email; Set up a “Ask Me” forum (people love this)

These Mobile App abilities listed are but a few of many that can be tailor fitted to your business’s unique and special personality.