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First Time Caravanning!

If you’ve never done a caravanning holiday then you really don’t know what you’re missing. Forget all the rumors you’ve heard about pokey-cramped conditions or toilets breaking; caravans are much more then they used to be. In fact earlier this year a couple bought a caravan for $450,000 in Sydney. The article that appeared on The website, proves that hiring or buying a caravan for a holiday does not constitute roughing it!

Caravanning is back in vogue and is becoming more and more popular amongst the Australia population who are unable to afford an apartment of hotel holidays. With the economy in freefall camping is a viable alternative and hiring a decent caravan will mean that you don’t have to sacrifice all the luxuries that you’re used to having when on holiday. Caravans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and the one for you depends very much on how many people are going on holiday. If you’re a family of four or more then you will want to invest in a larger model. However, if you’re a couple then you can get some excellent cozy options complete with shower, toilet, kitchen and living area included for a good price.

Caravan Home

If you’re new to caravanning then you can do a lot worse then check out some of the models available from Australia major cities. They are one of the premier caravan makers and suppliers offering choices ranging from the ridiculously expensive and luxurious to the more economical and cost-effective. The Amara VIP is the top of the range. Fitted with two double beds, a separate toilet, and a shower unit and an entertainment system, this really is the caravan for kings! If you need access to the internet then mobile broadband is accommodated and can be synched into the entertainment system for better sound and picture should you feel the need to.

Once you’ve chosen your onsite caravans the next thing you need to decide is where to go with it? If you’re strapped for cash then there are plenty of sites available right here in Australia to fill all your holiday needs. One of the best spots lies in Australia’s back garden – Sydney. Bonnells Bay in Ashford caters for families and couples with both family and quieter spots to park up available. The surrounding scenery is excellent with views of the valley and plenty of forests and greenery to explore whilst you’re there. There’s even an herb garden for campers if you want to add a little spice to your cooking, and a play area for kids if you’re looking to deposit the younger members of your brood for a few hours. A games room complete with TV and Pool Table completes the facility round up and is highly popular with guests. Many families and couples often congregate there to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Overall a great choice for first time caravanning!