Facts You Never Knew about Organic Baby Clothes Before!

Organic Baby Clothes

If you have decided to take some steps towards healthier world and your own environment, choosing organic baby clothes could be the right start. Newborns are the most vulnerable ones and it is just natural that we want to protect them from all the harm around. And believe me – if talking about textile industry, fabrics and clothes, there is more harm than you can imagine unless you take certain steps to avoid this.

Organic Baby Clothes
Organic Baby Clothes

Organic Baby Clothes – Say NO to Chemicals Affecting the Health of Your Baby

Just consider – when choosing organic baby clothes, you protect your smallest one from chemicals inside the fabric. The skin of the newborn is in constant contact with the clothes, so if any chemicals inside the fabric – these can easily penetrate into the small body. You can’t even imagine what kinds of chemicals are being used in the process of production of fabric and in many cases – it is necessary to use them to get the result needed.

Therefore it is of extreme importance to pay attention to any branding the fabric has. Either it has some certificate (OekoTex, more preferably Bluesign – if talking about newborn and kids clothes), or the clothes are branded by the known brand specialized in production of baby organic clothes.

If fabric the clothes are made of is certified, it means the use of chemicals in the product is controlled by the certification body. There are many substances prohibited for use so if fabric is certified – it is guaranteed that these substances are not there. There are other substances that pose no threat to your health in certain doses – so if fabric is certified, you can be sure the doses are within a limit and there is no threat to your health. Each year the list of substances is being reviewed – the latest researches and legislation is being studied and the lists are updated accordingly. But let me just to give you some samples of the health threats chemicals used in production of fabric can cause if exceeding the limit.

Pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers are used to grow crop to get natural fibres for textile production. Pesticides are associated with many negative impacts on health, such as diverse types of cancer, neurological consequences, dermatitis and other. Organic baby clothes mean that organic fabric is used to produce these clothes and organic fabric means that there are no pesticides used in production of fibres and processing of the fabric.

Pentachlorophenol (PCP) is used in textile production process to protect different raw materials, such as, wool, cotton, leather and other natural fibers, as well as, preserve finishing of the textile. It is highly toxic chemical and proven to possess very slow biodegradability. Long-term contact not only can damage kidneys, liver, nervous and blood system, but it also can cause renal, neurological and carcinogenic consequences.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are chemicals used in fabric dyeing. Unless the limit of these chemicals in textiles is controlled, they can expose human health to danger due to their toxicity, cancerogenity and connection to cardio vascular diseases. Some of the PAHs are also linked to causing genetic defects.

You should consider the above health risks when buying non-branded products at affordable prices as you cannot be sure about what you have bought. Therefore, not only organic baby clothes are the right choice to make our planet greener, but they also protect your small one from the hidden health risks.