Checking the Problems of Commercial Deep Fryer

When any individual experiences problems with their commercial deep fryer then they would want to clear them as soon as possible. Fortunately, the parts of these commercial deep fryers come easily and also can be fixed easily if the problem is determined. There are four main parts of the commercial deep fryer that are bound to break down and cause the need of a repair – thermostat, combination safety gas valve, thermopile and hi-limit. The following things can be done to ensure that the problem of the fryer is determined:

commercial deep fryer

If the pilot light wouldn’t light up then chances are that one thing has failed. To check the hi-limit the user should take off one wire and then connect it with another one. If the pilot lights up then the hi-limit is broken and there is a need for replacement. If, even after replacing the hi-limit, the pilot is not lighting up then the most probable culprit in these circumstances is the thermopile. Here, one end is connected with the gas valve and the other with the pilot. The thermopile should be removed from these places and then should be replaced. Again connect the hi-limit and if the pilot lights up then the problem is taken care of.

The third scenario comes when the pilot won’t light up even after reconnecting the thermopile. In this scenario, the combination safety gas valve is the only entity that is left to check in the commercial deep fryer. To restore combo valve of a commercial deep fryer the user would need a pipe wrench. Because of the space this replacement is the most difficult. If even after doing this the commercial deep fryer won’t work then the thermostat would be at fault and it needs to be replaced. The thermostat can be replaced in the similar manner as replacing the hi-limit of the commercial deep fryer.