On Pages SEO

Best On Page SEO Techniques to Get Better Traffic

When you hand over your website to an SEO San Jose services company in order to get it to search engine optimisation services, they will follow certain procedures in order to achieve the set goals. Though you are not going to use them yourself, it is good to know what these techniques are.

In the first place, you need to explain to them what your niche is and what your goals are. Depending on this information they will pick up the right keywords. Picking up of these words is not an easy task either. You need to look for the proper keyword that is relevant for the time. Once they have found the keywords they will use them in your domain name and the file names in the first place. The domain name is the first thing to consider. Your domain name should have the right targeted word and it should be easy to spell write and pronounce in addition to being one that is easy to remember. SEO services follow these principles diligently in order to get a better ranking with search engines.

When it comes to content, you could have the top word in the title tag. Also in the content, you could have synonyms of the top word. The content itself could have a lot of top words at the correct density. The correct keyword density is not easy to find either. The best way to find the correct keyword density is to look at the site of your competitor who is ahead of you. Find the search engine optimization keywords density there and use it.

No good SEO San Jose services should ever use black hat methods on your website. They will lead your site being blacklisted by the search engines. These black hat methods include cloaking, tiny texts, invisible text, refresh tags and many more.

When everybody is promising to give top 10 ranking, it’s about selecting the right company which understands your budget and needs. Visit Freelance SEO Services for more!! The author is an expert in Internet Marketing.