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7 Most Significant Beats Of Legal Translation In Dubai Interpretation Services

In this global world where the countries are connecting with another in all fields, communication is the key and a barrier too. Translation and interpretation services are the immense need of the hour. Every international company requires hiring a professional legal translation services agency to get the job done.

Although translation service is important for the entire international field, in this blog, we will be talking about the most significant services and beats of translation services.


Transcription is a systematic arrangement of spoken language into written words. It is mostly used in writing down the notes of what a speaker is delivering word to word like they do in courts or with physician’s voice records. It seems a very easy job but it’s hard to write down as fast as someone speaks without any mistake. Professional translators should be hired to avoid any errors or misinterpretations.

Legal documents

Legal documents are the most sensitive area of translating. Especially, translating from one language to another can change the context of what is said and different words are interpreted differently in different countries and ethnicities. It is important to keep the context according to the language it is being translated into rather than just word to word translation.

Moreover, it is important to have a good knowledge of law terms and phrases for translating according to different languages; otherwise, it can make a legal case. The forms, definitions, and terms are extensively influenced by the cultural and legal system of the country, which makes it important to have expertise in legal terminologies according to the country the message is being translated from and translating to.

Legal documents like contracts, personal certificates, and property papers, and so on must be handled by professional legal translation services for translation in Dubai. Because hiring a translator is always cheaper and better than hiring a lawsuit.

Live or Online Meetings Interpretation

As businesses are expanding internationally and Countries are working hard for better international relations. Interpretations in international meetings are a must to avoid any communication barriers.

Live interpretation in meetings is not a new thing – it is being practiced since decades. Amid the current pandemic situation in the world, everyone has moved from live to online meetings. There are translation and interpretation agencies who are offering interpretation for phone calls and online meetings too. It is hard to work internationally without professional interpreters, especially in the Arabian region like UAE, where people are less fluent in understanding and speaking the English language.

Digital Marketing

In this digital world of technology, the internet is the major source of expanding business internationally and reaching the global market. But it requires extensive expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which includes keywords, hashtags, content localization, and placement.

In this digitalized world, online marketing is the new go to boost your business. Offering translation features in your website in a minimum of 3 major languages to as many languages as possible makes it more feasible for foreign customers to understand and trade with your business.

Above mentioned things are what are going to make your content reach the targeted market globally. And this cannot be achieved with mere word to word translation. Acute Smart translation can work wonders in achieving the goal of the global approach.


Entertainment content like movies, songs, video clips, and podcasts are produced in the world and followed by a large worldwide audience. Most of the famous content is made in Hollywood, in the English language.

English is considered a universal language, but to reach a wider audience that isn’t the case. Not everyone understands the English language but everyone loves enjoying movies and entertainment content. So to reach out to a wider audience all around the world, the movies are subtitled and dubbed into different languages to make the content more understandable for the audience.

Not only English movies are subtitled into other languages but movies of different countries like India, Pakistan, Arab countries, and the list goes on are subtitled into English to reach out to a larger audience.

Medical translation

A huge part of the Medical field is dependent on medical research. These researches include innovations in drugs, new information about diseases and treatments. The specialists are doing research all around the world and all these researches are not in English.

That’s why this information needs to be translated from different languages into English to be used worldwide. Several important types of research went unseen by the international scientific community they weren’t translated into English. This shows the importance of translation in the medical field.

Moreover, amid this global pandemic, practitioners and researchers from all over the world took their heads together to come up with a solution and to educate the general public it is important to interpret the information in all languages to reach out to every possible person in the world.

Technical translation

Technology is not just a field itself, but it is interconnected with multiple fields, from engineering to Healthcare.  Just like medical research, technical translations also include scientific research about new technologies that need to be understood by the international technical community around the world.

Without any doubt, technology is a vastly expanding industry in this world and countries are collaborating for unbelievable projects. This cannot afford any kind of communication gap at any cost.

Your company should need to provide the buyers with detailed operation instructions, guidance, and documentation in the local language while selling your product outside the borders. Just like other fields, it needs to be translated for both academic and marketing purposes.


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, almost every international field requires translation and interpretation services to be more understandable for a larger audience and avail more opportunities worldwide. It is recommended to reach out to professional legal translation and interpretation services to get the job done as they have expertise in this. Any kind of mistranslation can lead to expensive lawsuits. You can avoid big hustles and expand your business globally by getting professional assistance.