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The Benefits Of Home Inspection Reports Software

Home Inspection reports software helps builders & developers, home buyers, and real estate agents with detailed reports. This home inspection software comes in handy to assess and document all on-field KYC verification’s. They have many key features like quick scanning of ID proofs, bulk allocation of tasks, secure storage, digit lockers integration, etc.

Agent networks could be managed effectively. All field agents can be connected, and contacted through the home inspection reports software app! The app is a very user-friendly mobile app that is customized for any beginner to use easily. All standardized procedures in the daily operations can be followed. Any assignments can be delegated and action can be taken immediately for any repairs.

The features of the helpful home inspection reports software:

Facility Management:

  • All the employees can create forms and get information that can be tabled.
  • Reports are all electronically compiled, no paperwork is required
  • Images, comments, and action-taking reports can be tabled instantly
  • Also, functional offline completely on all cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops as well.

All merchant audits can be done:

  • This software also helps in merchant audit and inspection of sites, the configuration of checklists
  • Reports are generated by a click of a finger
  • Quickly can identify mistakes in reports and can rectify

Helpful for retailer audits:

  • The software maximizes opportunities
  • Any potential risks are evaluated immediately
  • There are custom checklists available as per the requirement
  • Scheduling made it easy to track progress
  • All decisions and resolutions can be forwarded instantly
  • Simple mobile application which is user friendly

Quick scanning of IDs:

  • The software is in-built with OCR which can pick all text information within the photos
  • Hassle-free ID verification can be done
  • Can take a selfie with the field staff and send details of the location.

Simple attendance management:

  • The field staff at the site can mark in and out on the mobile application
  • Immediate case assignment can be done
  • Tasks can be delegated to skilled workers with location with proper directions
  • The office supervisory staff can get progress on tasks assigned
  • They can analyze the field staff’s travel time.

All route plans and maps enabled:

  • All work of field staff can be supervised
  • All routes and locations are allocated with smart auto-allocation
  • Valuable time can be saved
  • The day plans can be simplified and get better output from field staff
  • As well as Information about Home Inspector Pro Reviews & Product Details
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Real-Time dashboards built-in:

  • The dashboard provides a real-time picture of the work being done
  • All reports can be viewed and the next assignment can be given
  • These reports can be created by anyone and could be accessed by anyone
  • Faster decisions can be taken saving valuable time and money for clients.

Excellent Productivity management:

  • All performance of teams can be effectively tracked
  • All performance metrics can be analyzed
  • The productivity gets improved automatically.

The modern-day home inspectors of home inspection companies thus, carry on with their daily tasks, with the help of this home inspection reports software. The inspectors get an analysis of the job to be undertaken and can get into task management immediately. They can better the contact management with the staff as well the clients.